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About Us

About the Founder


Robert Yurosko is the proud owner of three German Shepards named Flash, Nika, and Aja. Robert has always had a fascination with dogs from a young age. His love of dogs grew as he became an adult as well as his dedication to provide AKC Show and Obedience training, as well as, Protection Training for dogs. In addition to his love of dogs, Robert has always had a heart for the community and often volunteered with troubled youth as a mentor. He previously worked with another local nonprofit’s drug outreach program and noticed that youth responded well to animals. Robert had his epiphany moment in 2019 that he could combine his love of dogs and helping youth together into a single program designed to address the needs of both. This eureka moment lead to the birth of “K9 4 Kids” a nonprofit that allows troubled youth to work alongside our favorite 4 legged friends to improve the quality of life for both.

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Board of Directors

Kathryn "Kim" Yurosko

Executive Director

Christina Perea


Jill Riolo

Board Member

Toni Matthews

Certified in Dog Trainer, Search and Rescue, and Protection Training.

Kevin Fereira

Board Member

Carolyn "CJ" Wahlen

Board Member

Faith Byrd

Board Member


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member

Our Vision

Our nonprofit values honesty, love, and respect for all beings. We live our values daily in the numerous outreach programs offered by our charity. K9 4 Kids particularly wants to help strays, runaways, and shelter dogs to be the ideal companions for adoption. We know that many shelter dogs have never completed an obedience class or received proper grooming. Unfortunately, this often causes the dog to be passed over when persons interested in adoption visit a local shelter to other dogs that are naturally more even tempered or look more attractive. The goal of our organization is to help troubled youth find their place in life, learn skills that will allow them a rewarding career in dog training/grooming, while saving shelter dogs by ensuring they have the right attitude needed to find their forever home. Together both youth and dog learn the importance of love, companionship, and obedience as they work in harmony to soften each other’s edges.